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Deborah Fletcher is a popular Chicago Food + Product photographer. Projects with Deb are fun, collaborative and creative endeavors. She thrives on a challenge, plays nicely with others and loves the teamwork involved in working on projects of all shapes and sizes. She loves creating the perfect light with subtle nuances to bring out the delicious texture and life of every subject. Deb tends to focus her lens on food, product, and still-life setups, occasionally incorporating human beings or an animal into a shot to complete the story.

Deb loves all things food - finding, growing, preparing, cooking, harvesting, photographing and consuming - not necessarily in that order. A well-organized vegetable garden excites her to no end and she loves finding funky vintage thrift shops off the beaten path for props. Deb and her partner have been together for over 15 years(!) and have two rescue dogs to throw balls for in their lovely little Oak Park backyard.

She's worked with some wonderful, crazy talented people along the way. Recent collaborations thru large and small agencies include Quaker Oats, Dawn Foods, Native Foods Cafe, McDonald's, and CocaCola. She also works with design firms, retail clients, magazines, and corporate direct clients. She's always on the lookout for her next project, no matter the size and hopes it will be with you.

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